Decentralized Digital Identity (SSI)
based on Blockchain
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Control over your digital identity

Control over your digital identity

Digital identity is not a new challenge. Since the beginning of the online revolution, validating with complete confidence the real identity of people in a digital environment has been a problem both for users, who have had their privacy and control over their personal data removed, and for companies that have suffered the cost of inefficient and constant identification security failures.
With VIDchain, we offer a decentralized self-rule identity (SSI) service based on Blockchain to provide people control over their identity and facilitate secure user access to online services.
The digital identity and attribute verification solution in compliance with GDPR and impacting on customer onboarding processes, KYC and AML, has been awarded first place in Cuatrecasas and Telefónica accelerator and first place
in the Alastria Open Call Cataluña project competition, the leading blockchain consortium in Spain.
We are currently working with national and international partners, such as Sovrin, DIF , Alastria, ToIP, COVID Credentials Initiative and Good Health Pass to establish an open, decentralized identity ecosystem accessible to everyone.

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For companies,
it improves the access of your users:
More efficient
It improves processes and reduces identity verification costs.
It implements secure identification processes and improves anti-fraud measures in compliance with eIDAS and GDPR.
For people,
your identity and data always available:
Cryptography and Blockchain allow your identity to be protected at all times.
More universal
Based on standards that eliminate the need for hundreds of credentials.
You can easily validate your digital identity with anyone you want.

Examples of use of VIDchain

Enables students' interaction with multiple schools for enrollments and tasks.
Streamlines and improves the security of purchasing processes.
Financial services
Optimizes onboarding, KYC or AML processes with legal certainty.
Public administration
It offers high-level solutions for remote digital identification.
Human Resources
Drastically improves employee onboarding waiting times for certificates, diplomas, trainings and employment credentials.
Digital Verifiable Credentials bind an individual’s identity to their test result or vaccination certificate COVID19.
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