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Many documents that are managed daily within the ERP such as sales quotations, purchase orders and invoices, delivery notes and service sheets, or agreements with suppliers, in addition to human resources documents of both candidates and employees, benefit from the integration of electronic signatures from VIDsigner with SAP.

Thanks to the integration of VIDsigner's electronic signatures with SAP, it is already possible to obtain the signature to your documents within your SuccessFactors, Business One, By Design, S/4HANA and ECC solutions from the same SAP system and with lower costs.


We are a Qualified Trusted Service Provider according to Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS)

Find more detailed information on the regulatory framework.

Everything happens within SAP:

For people who receive documents to sign:

No digital certificate is required.

For employees sending documents to sign:

No additional training or change management required.

  • Greater process flexibility - SAP as a platform allows the development of any functionality / workflow in an integrated way.
For manager:

Speed up the planning of your resources.

  • Solve the custody of documents with the ERP's own document management automatically.
  • Use SAP masters to collect information needed to invoke the signature process: employees, documents, customers, suppliers and contact persons.
  • Automate the entire delivery, making the issuance, signatures and custody unattended.
  • Globally observe the signature process from the ERP itself and receives a notification when it is finished.

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With Validated ID we have managed to eliminate paper from all clinical and administrative processes, guaranteeing the legal security of healthcare organizations and pursuing the goal that our clients become 100% paperless hospitals.
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